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GA Ethics Commission Sharpening Their Teeth

On Thursday, July 30, in an article entitled Ethics Board to Investigate Former Fulton Official the AJC reported that the Georgia Ethics Commission (now known as the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission) is proactively … let’s say that slowly together P-R-O-A-C-T-I-V-E-L-Y … investigating a potential campaign finance violation. The entire of State of… [more]

“There is a line you have to be careful you don’t cross,” said Rick Thompson.

In an AJC article by James Salzer and Shannon McCaffrey, RTA Strategy CEO Rick Thompson commented on the matter of vendor contributions , “ ‘There is absolutely nothing in the law against calling vendors to contribute to your campaign. There is nothing unusual about it. That’s your first call. It’s the nature of the beast.’” Read the… [more]

“Gift rules for state employees mostly ignored, observers say” Rick Thompson weighs in.

Are Georgia corporations under reporting on their vendor gifts and not registering corporate vendor lobbyists properly? Here is what RTA Strategy CEO Rick Thompson had to say in an interview with Morris News reporter Walter Jones. “ ‘Here’s the problem: there is no way for any regulatory agency under the current law to know if… [more]