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“I think jumping 26 spots in a few years should be touted as a great accomplishment,” says Rick Thompson

In a report by Sandra Parrish of WSB Radio, “Thompson says the fact that so many states did poorly indicates the CPI should perhaps grade on a curve. “You’re having individuals who are really good at being a reporter… but they’re not experts in the field,” he says.” Read the report here

Georgia Shows Progress | 11.09.2015 Press Release

Roswell, Georgia. November 9, 2015 Center for Public Integrity THRUSTS Georgia 26 Positions Forward in its Newest Ethics Ratings!! In 2012 The Center for Public Integrity touted Georgia as the “Worst Score in the Country” at number 50. We know government moves at glacial speeds. Combine this with severe dysfunction in Georgia’s Ethics Commission between… [more]

“There are probably a lot of people out there that have no fear of getting caught because in recent years, nothing has happened,” said Rick Thompson.

In an article by James Salzer published in the AJC, “Thompson said ethics laws are more strict in some other states. For instance, he said, in some states like Missouri, there is an incentive to pay late fees — lawmakers and candidates aren’t eligible to run if they haven’t paid up. Thompson said the commission… [more]