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RTA Strategy believes big political victories can only be won through brazen determination, meticulous attention to detail and the kind of no-holds-barred approach to leadership that gets you to the finish line — even if it means uprooting your previous plans along the way.

We don’t just give you the tools you need to succeed, we challenge you to go bigger, bolder and completely dauntlessly every step of the way. Here’s the team backing you up.

Rick Thompson

RTA’s founder and trail blazing leader has never been one to shy away from a challenge. This Marine Corps veteran has been carving his name into the regulations on campaign finance for over a decade.

With a laundry list of accomplishments that includes leading Georgia’s Ethics Agency for 5 years, a seat on the Board of the Academic Journal Public Integrity, serving as one of five Commissioners overseeing Georgia’s Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission and conceptualizing the development of a revolutionary e-filing platform, Rick is the kind of guy you desperately want on your side and even more desperately don’t want to go up against.

His commitment to creating transparent regulatory systems where candidates, PACs and lobbyists can thrive has helped redefine the reporting industry. Now, he’s lending his expertise to the aspiring leaders and policy makers of tomorrow, one consultation at a time.

Jason D. Boles

 There are few consultants who can showcase as remarkable a range of hands-on industry experiences as Jason Boles. As an entrepreneur by nature, Jason’s political journey has been filled with wide ranging ambitions that include working on notable campaigns.

His business endeavors have included successful ventures in marketing, broadcast, print and social media, giving him a unique perspective that few political strategists can begin to comprehend.

A free thinker with a passion for leadership, Jason’s formal education in accounting and finance and his informal education running his own businesses eventually led him to become deeply invested in the most influential business in the world: the campaign trail.  Jason doesn’t take “No” for an answer and stops at nothing to get his clients exactly what they need: big wins.

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